22 July 2011

Dark Ruby Rose, Plum Blossom And Hydrangea Centerpiece

Today I decided to show you a small centerpiece I created for the gift shop in Moscow.

 Nevertheless it is small (about 4" across) it took me quite long time to assemble it, as it has so many small pieces.

18 July 2011

Brooches With Purple Roses, Poppies And Coral Orchid

The wedding season is at its peak, and sometimes I really can't remember what date is today... so many old orders to complete and so many new to start... The pictures will follow later as usually :))

I have not been blogging for a while, and today I would like to share some pictures of the brooches I recently made for an exclusive present shop in Moscow. 

Looks like purple and coral tones are definitely among my favorite ones in this season :)))

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