30 May 2011

Headband With White Orchids

Some time ago I was practicing in making orchids. After couple of trial flowers I have managed to create two pieces that I liked. Later I decided to add some green leaves and attach the flower to the headband.
Suppose it will be one of my favorite beach accessories :))

24 May 2011

More Purple Rose Brides And Bridesmaids Bouquets

One of my Etsy brides contacted me in February, and asked if I could make purple rose bouquets for her and her bridesmaids, as well as some corsages and boutonnieres.

Becky was inspired by the purple rose bouquet I made before, so we agreed to make a similar one for her with slight correction of the tones. Also in order to make brides bouquet a bit different from two other bouquets we decided to add some blink to it and put some crystals, which I think was a very good idea!

Brides Bouquet

 Bridesmaids' Bouquets

20 May 2011


Last week I was contacted by the representative of the local web site where artisans can sell their works (similar to Etsy one, but not so extensive) .
I was told that site owners really like my flowers, and would like to write a review about me and my activity.
Since I needed to send them my picture I decided to make the one together with my flowers.
Unfortunately at the moment I do not have much time to make a professional studio photo, so I asked my father to make a couple of quick pictures at my parent's house.

Later I will show you the pictures of one of my last orders - purple rose bouquets.
Now I have to complete a bouquet with turquoise roses, and then will proceed with a big order for coral tone wedding florals, after that I hope to take a short break and focus on my C2 class projects.

18 May 2011

DECO CLAY C2 Classes - 2nd Project - Topiary, Something Blue Brides Bouquet With Roses And Daisies

This is my 2nd project for Deco Clay C2 class .

I decided to make the topiary in blue and white colors, as suppose that they fit together really well!

After I completed the project, I realized that it can be also used as a bridal "something blue" bouquet :)

17 May 2011

DECO CLAY C2 Classes - 1st Project - Corsage And Boutonniere

I would like to show you the first project which I completed during Deco Clay C2 classes I attended in April.

These are the corsage and the boutonniere.

Since I really love purple and coral colors I decided to make the main flowers in these tones.

Will share some of my other C2 project with you soon!

10 May 2011

Bridal Hair Fascinator

One of my local brides asked me to create a hair fascinator flower that will be similar in shape to the chiffon flowers that will be attached to her dress.

Sanita also wanted some clear crystals to be added to the center of the flower, so that it matches to the jewelry she will be wearing.

Suppose this delicate flower will make the bride look even more feminine .

Now I have to prepare one of my recently completed orders for shipping. Will show you the pictures of these bouquets a bit later.

After that some new orders to start... I am a bit tired, but so excited to see how my new creations will look like!

P.S. Finally, warm and sunny weather came to Latvia, the trees are blooming, flowers are everywhere... It gives me so much inspiration and makes me smile :))) I definitely love this time of the year!!!

5 May 2011

Beaded Necklaces

My mum is still passionate about making the jewelry.
Every day she is learning new techniques and upgrading her skills.

I really love these two necklaces she has recently made for her clients.

This necklace is made of chameleon color seed beads.

This three strand necklace was purchased by the bride, who initially intended to buy just one of my hair pins, but lately decided to order the necklace as well.

We decided to list the necklaces to my mum's Etsy shop to be made to order.

2 May 2011

Freesia Centerpiece

Couple of month ago my husband's godmother asked me to create a centerpiece for her.
She has chosen the one with freesias which I made before. Since I prefer each of my works to be unique and different one from another, this time I added more lilac color flowers than in my previous piece.

These flowers look so sunny, and I suppose they will be a perfect decoration for the dining table.

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