10 May 2011

Bridal Hair Fascinator

One of my local brides asked me to create a hair fascinator flower that will be similar in shape to the chiffon flowers that will be attached to her dress.

Sanita also wanted some clear crystals to be added to the center of the flower, so that it matches to the jewelry she will be wearing.

Suppose this delicate flower will make the bride look even more feminine .

Now I have to prepare one of my recently completed orders for shipping. Will show you the pictures of these bouquets a bit later.

After that some new orders to start... I am a bit tired, but so excited to see how my new creations will look like!

P.S. Finally, warm and sunny weather came to Latvia, the trees are blooming, flowers are everywhere... It gives me so much inspiration and makes me smile :))) I definitely love this time of the year!!!

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