25 October 2012

More Mirrors

Here are the mirrors of my two new students who joined Flower Course C1.

I like both of them :))


20 October 2012

Lovely Brooches Created By My Students

I would like to show you more pictures of the brooches created by my students during introductory workshops.
I am sooo happy to have such talented students! Really love how all these brooches turned out :))


13 October 2012

The Works Of My Flower Course C1 Students

Today I would like to show you the works of my students who joined Flower Course C1.

These lovely mirrors were created by the girls during their first class.


11 October 2012

Decoclay Classes C1 And C2 Are Now Available In Latvia

I wasn't blogging nearly a month... but I have a reason :))
I have finally opened my studio and started to arrange the classes on the techniques of flower creation of out air-dry clay Clacraft by Deco.

At the beginning when I started to make clay flowers, I could not imagine that so many people will be asking me if I can teach them how to create the flowers I make. So, three weeks ago I started my first workshops.

I feel sooo happy about it! I love to see the smiling faces of my students, love friendly and creative atmosphere we have during the classes!!!

Since I am certified Decoclay Academy Instructor I can teach my students Flower Course Curriculum 1 and Curriculum 2. Also I am arranging discovery classes for those students who have not decided if to join the main course or not.

During discovery classes I show how to make the roses and decorate the gift box with them, another discovery lesson include the brooch with gardenia flower.
Here are the samples I made.

These are couple of works created by my dear students :)) love them!

So, if you if are interested in learning the techniques of flower creation and join the family of Decoclay, you are welcome to attend my classes at Art Studio Marissa Fleur in Riga, Latvia.
For more information, I can be contacted at marissa.fleur@gmail.com

My home page in Russian - www.marissafleur.com,   Facebook page - www.facebook.com/marissastudio

Soon I will show you the first projects created by the students who joined the first Flower Course Curriculum 1. So, stay tuned!! :))

10 September 2012

Bridal Bouquet With Peachy Pink David Austin Roses And White Stephanotis

This is the last of three bouquets I created for my Decoclay C2 course.

The bouquet consists of peachy pink David Austin roses and white stephanotis flowers.
I really love how this type of roses look, however it takes more time to create them than usual roses.

9 September 2012


I would like to invite everyone to participate in my September

Giveaway I have announced on my Facebook page!

This time the winner will receive...ivory gardenia hair flower

attached to u shape pin (3" across)!

To join the Giveaway please click here.

3 September 2012

Bridal Bouquet With White Calla Lilies

This bouquet is one of the projects for Decocaly C2 Course. It consists only of calla lilies.
I think that it is a perfect bouquet for a bride, therefore I decided to list it in my Etsy shop.

29 August 2012

White And Light Blue Bridal Bouquet With Peonies, Roses, Hydrangea And Stephanotis

This is one more 12'' bouquet I created this summer.

Angelina contacted me last spring, and asked if I could create a bouquet and boutonniere for the vows renewal ceremony she and her husband will have this September.

Angelina has chosen ice blue and white colors for the bouquet. She has send me the pictures of her ice blue necklace and sash, so that I could create the similar color for the flowers.
Since the flowers on the sash had white petals in the center and blue at the edges, I proposed to make the same color progression for the peonies that will be included in the bouquet.

We decided to make the stems of the flowers in white color to match the flowers and avoid green color.

Angelina also asked to add ice blue and clear crystals in the centers of hydrangeas and stephanotis flowers.

Here is the picture of the bouquet in my hands.

To my mind the bouquet turned out very feminine and romantic.:))

26 August 2012

Fuchsia And Apple Green Bridal Bouquet With Cymbidium Orchids, Gardenias, Anemones, Calla Lilies And Hydrangea

This bouquet was created for my repeat client. 

Sandy contacted me last year, and asked to create turquoise rose and white gardenia bridal bouquet as a present for her friend wedding. She loved how the bouquet turned out, so decided to order the bouquet from me for her September wedding as well :))

Sandy was looking for a large (12'') bouquet in fuchsia and apple green colors. The flowers we have chosen were fuchsia anemones, lighter fuchsia cymbidium orchids, light pink gardenias and apple green hydrangeas. Later Sandy asked me to add light green calla lilies, as these are one of her favorite flowers.

The bouquet turned out to be very bright, and to my mind look super lifelike :))

The bride also ordered a matching boutonniere with apple green cymbidium orchid and light green hydrangeas as well as light pink hydrangeas, apple green and fuchsia orchids for her hair.

To imagine the bouquet size better, here is the photo of the bouquet in my hands.

The flowers have already safely arrived to Sandy, and she told that they look absolutely amazing!! I was very, very pleased to receive such feedback! Thank you, Sandy!

I feel sooo happy making my brides happy!! :)))

Soon I will show you the pictures of another 12'' bouquet I created this summer.

22 August 2012

White Bridal Bouquet With Lilies And Roses

Good news!! This month I finally managed to finish C2 Decoclay Classes, and hope soon I will receive my Decoclay Instructor's Certificate.
It was extremely difficult to complete both: numerous wedding orders and my projects works, but I succeeded :)))

Here is one of the project bouquets I made. This cascade bridal bouquet includes lilies and roses. 
Soon it will be available as made-to-order item in my Etsy shop.a

Later I will show you more of my project works and orders I created this summer. So, stay tuned! :))

8 June 2012

Bridal Bouquet With Cymbidium Orchids, Gardenias, Roses And Cherry Blossom

I would like to show you one of the wedding order I made in May.Calli contacted me via my Etsy shop, and asked if I am able to make the bouquet, boutonniere, corsages and hair pins for her wedding in July.

Calli loved pastel color bouquet with roses, poppies and cherry blossom I made before, however she asked me to replace poppies with cymbidium orchids and gardenias.

I was happy to receive such order, as it was the first time when I made bridal bouquet with cymbidium orchids, as I like these orchids very much.

For corsages and boutonniere we decided to use orchids and cherry blossom. The same flowers were used for the bride's hair.

Calli loved the pictures I sent her, and I hope she will like the flowers when she will see them in person. :))

5 June 2012

Turquoise Bridal Bouquet With Roses, Gardenias And Stephanotis

This turquoise color bouquet is one of my most popular bouquets ordered by the brides.

Since I prefer each bouquet I create to be unique, each time I receive a repeat order I try to add new details to the bouquet.

This time the bride asked me to tie the bouquet with true red satin ribbon.

Now I am working on two bouquet orders I received from the brides via my Etsy shop.
Both bouquets have very nice color combinations, and I am excited to see how they will turn out.

27 May 2012

Centerpiece with green cymbidium orchids, pink poppies, yellow freesia and roses

The three things I need at the moment are time, time and time :)))
This May I received so many orders, and was even forced to put my Etsy shop on short vacation to finish all rush requests.

Here is one of the centerpieces I created this month. It was ordered by my ex-colleague. Her mom  loves my flowers, and she asked me to create one more centerpiece for her.

The centerpiece turned out very bright. I love how apple green, peachy pink and yellow colors look together.
Couple of photos in my studio.

Hope next week I will have more time for new posts, and will be able to show you the pictures of some other orders I created this month.
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