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11 October 2012

Decoclay Classes C1 And C2 Are Now Available In Latvia

I wasn't blogging nearly a month... but I have a reason :))
I have finally opened my studio and started to arrange the classes on the techniques of flower creation of out air-dry clay Clacraft by Deco.

At the beginning when I started to make clay flowers, I could not imagine that so many people will be asking me if I can teach them how to create the flowers I make. So, three weeks ago I started my first workshops.

I feel sooo happy about it! I love to see the smiling faces of my students, love friendly and creative atmosphere we have during the classes!!!

Since I am certified Decoclay Academy Instructor I can teach my students Flower Course Curriculum 1 and Curriculum 2. Also I am arranging discovery classes for those students who have not decided if to join the main course or not.

During discovery classes I show how to make the roses and decorate the gift box with them, another discovery lesson include the brooch with gardenia flower.
Here are the samples I made.

These are couple of works created by my dear students :)) love them!

So, if you if are interested in learning the techniques of flower creation and join the family of Decoclay, you are welcome to attend my classes at Art Studio Marissa Fleur in Riga, Latvia.
For more information, I can be contacted at

My home page in Russian -,   Facebook page -

Soon I will show you the first projects created by the students who joined the first Flower Course Curriculum 1. So, stay tuned!! :))


  1. Очень очень постараюсь попасть на МК, хочется узнать что же такое полимерная глина и попробовать сделать цветок.

    1. Жанна, буду рада видеть вас на мастер-классе )) Всю информацию о времени (оно будет меняться) и стоимости занятий можете посмотреть на моем сайте


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