23 December 2011

Merry Christmas And Happy New Year 2012!!!

Wow it already Christmas time!!! The year passed soooo quickly... It was a busy year with a lot of work, challenges, trips... At the moment I am preparing the plan for the next year...so many new ideas and projects...Wish there were not 24, but 42 hours in one day )))

I would like to take an opportunity and thank my family, friends and clients for your support and happy moments you shared with me!!!
I sincerely wish you all....
Hours of happy times with friends and family
Abundant time for relaxation
Plenty of love when you need it the most
Youthful excitement at life’s simple pleasures

Nights of restful slumber (you know - don’t' worry be happy)
Everything you need
Wishing you love and light

Years and years of good health
Enjoyment and mirth
Angels to watch over you
Respect over the years!

And at the end some pictures of my Christmas order I got from my repeat client)))

12 December 2011

Flowers For The Best Friend - Centerpiece With Lily Of the Valley, Sweet Peas, Peonies, Roses And Hydrangea

I created this centerpiece for my best friend. She lives in another country, and I really wanted to make her something that reminds about me. 

Her favorite flower is lily of the valley, so I decide to add them to the centerpiece. Although it may look like the bouquet does not have many of these flowers, totally there are more than 50 pieces.

I absolutely love this white vase I found in the local shop. Actually I bought couple of them, as I always prefer to have some nice pieces available, as usually when I need them, it is very difficult to find something suitable at once.

The centerpiece looks so nice on my working table, so that later, when I have time, I decided to make a similar one for me. )))

7 December 2011

Apple Blosson Wreath For A Flower Girl

 I keep on sharing real wedding photos with you...

A while ago one of my brides sent me a picture of her flower girl. Christina purchased an apple blossom wreath at my Etsy shop, and to my opinion, it looks lovely on this pretty little girl.

1 December 2011

Real Wedding Photos

The summer wedding season has passed, and I am so happy to receive  wedding photos from my brides.

When I create each of my bouquets I always trying to imagine how the bride will look with it, and that's why it is extremely interesting for me to see the actual picture. 

Jenny has asked me to create a bouquet for her, a boutonniere for the groom and some corsages for the bridesmaids in purple tones. 
Thank you so much for these beautiful pictures!

This gardenia flower is my bestseller and is always available at my Etsy shop. It is decorated with sparkling Swarovski rhinestone in the center, and is very popular among my brides.
I think that it looks so delicate and feminine, isn't it? 
Thank you, Yi-chia, for such a lovely picture!

30 November 2011

Coral Color Wedding Flowers

I have been promising to show you the pictures of the coral color bouquet for a long time...
Now I am ready to do this)))

Rachael contacted me via my Etsy shop in last spring. As her wedding was planned for November, I had plenty of time to complete all the items she ordered from me.

Rachel loved the purple ranunculus bouquet I made before, and asked me to create a similar one for her, but in coral color palette. She also decided to make small keepsake bouquets for her bridesmaids, so we agreed on single stem orange tone poppies decorated with greenery and leaves.

In addition, Rachael also ordered the boutonnieres for the groom and other guests, as well as some corsages.

The flowers turned out to be very bright and sunny, and I was very happy to receive such a nice feedback from Rachael:
"WOW! I placed a very large order for my wedding and I am completely pleased and impressed with the results. Every piece was perfect! The detail is amazing! She packaged them beautifully and took excellent precautions to make sure that they were safe when they arrived! I loved how throughout the entire process, I was given updates on the progress and was asked for my opinion. The end result was exactly how I pictured them. Thanks for the excellent service!"

Thank you so much, Rachael!!! It was a pleasure to work with you!

Now I am working on tropical flower bouquet for my Etsy bride. The bouquet will consist of gerbera daisies, plumerias, water lilies and hibiscus flowers.
This is my first order for the bouquet which incorporates these flowers, so I am really keen on see the result.

28 September 2011

Brooches And Headbands

The summer has passed so quickly.... I even did not have a chance to get a proper vacation, but hope to have couple of weeks off in the middle of October.

Here are some of the brooches and headbands I made during this summer. These were ordered by one of the jewelry shops in Moscow.

Brooch with freesias. Lilac is one of my favorite colors for these flowers. 

This peachy poppy brooch is very similar to the one I created before. I like how bright and sunny it looks like.

Red poppy headband... Reminds me of countryside fields and magical scent of freshly mowed grass.

It was the first time I made gardenias in peach color. Looks nice, isn't it?

 Mauve color roses... It was a surprise for me how many of my clients love this color :))

29 August 2011

Brides Bouquet With Champagne Peonies, Cream Stephanotis, Gardenias And Ivory Hydrangea

Recently I told you about champagne and cream color bridal bouquet.
It was ordered by my friend Anastasia. She was invited to a wedding and decided to present my  bouquet to a bride.
Since the bride was wearing champagne color dress, we decided to make the bouquet in similar color palette.
Also one of the favorite flowers of the bride are peonies and hydrangea. So, we incorporated these flowers. As the bouquet was not supposed to have a variety of colors, we also added some gardenias and stephanotis flowers in order to play with a texture.

It has been also decided to add some Swarovski crystals to make the bouquet sparky.

A funny thing about this bouquet was that during the wedding some of the guests thought that it is made of white chocolate and even wanted to bite it :)))
May be if  I did not know that the flowers are made of clay, I also thought they are chocolate :))

Brides Necklace With White Light Pink, Silver Pearls And Satin Band Bow

My mum has created a new brides necklace.
The interesting thing about it is that the necklace hangs on satin band which can be tie into a bow.
It is also possible to use the band of any color to suit the color of clothes, bag or shoes :))

The necklace is available at my mum's Etsy shop.

24 August 2011

I am back!

Just realized that a month has  passed since my last post here... Moreover, it is already the end of summer... Time is going sooo quickly...
This month I have been working on my big order for coral color bouquets for one of my Etsy brides. It is already almost ready, and  hope I will be able share you the pictures during the next week.
Also I have created a very beautiful cream and champagne color brides bouquet. Its pictures will also follow soon.
And of course as usually many new hair pins, brooches and headbands :))). These are now one of my favorite items to create. :))
Hope I will have time to show their photos and to list them as made to order pieces in my Etsy shop.

But now I would like to share some pictures of the new creations made by my mum.

This bracelet was ordered by one of my friends. It is double sided and can be worn in two different ways.

These are some of the new jewelry pieces for the brides.

A set of bracelet and earrings.

Brides necklace.

As usually we have made the listings of these items at my mum's Etsy shop.

22 July 2011

Dark Ruby Rose, Plum Blossom And Hydrangea Centerpiece

Today I decided to show you a small centerpiece I created for the gift shop in Moscow.

 Nevertheless it is small (about 4" across) it took me quite long time to assemble it, as it has so many small pieces.

18 July 2011

Brooches With Purple Roses, Poppies And Coral Orchid

The wedding season is at its peak, and sometimes I really can't remember what date is today... so many old orders to complete and so many new to start... The pictures will follow later as usually :))

I have not been blogging for a while, and today I would like to share some pictures of the brooches I recently made for an exclusive present shop in Moscow. 

Looks like purple and coral tones are definitely among my favorite ones in this season :)))

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