29 August 2011

Brides Bouquet With Champagne Peonies, Cream Stephanotis, Gardenias And Ivory Hydrangea

Recently I told you about champagne and cream color bridal bouquet.
It was ordered by my friend Anastasia. She was invited to a wedding and decided to present my  bouquet to a bride.
Since the bride was wearing champagne color dress, we decided to make the bouquet in similar color palette.
Also one of the favorite flowers of the bride are peonies and hydrangea. So, we incorporated these flowers. As the bouquet was not supposed to have a variety of colors, we also added some gardenias and stephanotis flowers in order to play with a texture.

It has been also decided to add some Swarovski crystals to make the bouquet sparky.

A funny thing about this bouquet was that during the wedding some of the guests thought that it is made of white chocolate and even wanted to bite it :)))
May be if  I did not know that the flowers are made of clay, I also thought they are chocolate :))

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