18 April 2012

Ivory Bridal Bouquet With Peonies, Gardenias And Stephanotis Flowers

Emma contacted me in February via my Etsy shop, and asked if I could make a bouquet for her wedding.
She liked the ivory color bouquet I made before, and wanted to have something similar for her as well.
Initially Emma was thinking to have peonies, chrysanthemums, davids roses and some little filler flowers.

After couple of messages and exchange of flower pictures, we have decided to include peonies, gardenias and small stephanotis flowers to the bouquet . Also since Emma will be wearing the earrings with golden shadow Swarovski crystals, I have added same color Swarovski rhinestones and crystals to the centers of peonies and stephanotis.

 The flowers are made in ivory, champagne and cream colors, which to my mind look very nice together. To avoid the contrast with green color, flower stems were also made of ivory color.

Emma is living in Australia, but her wedding will be in Canada in a very nice hotel situated near a beautiful lake. In order not to carry the bouquet from Australia to Canada, Emma asked me to send the bouquet directly to the hotel.

When Emma saw the final pictures of the bouquet, she was very happy with the result. Hope Emma will love the bouquet even more when she will see it in person!

7 April 2012

Centerpiece With White Tulips, Lily-Of-The-Valley And Purple Iris Flowers

My ex-colleague has asked me to create the centrepiece to give to his wife on her birthday.
He told that favourite flowers of his wife are iris, lily-of-the-valley, tulips, lillies and sweet peas. I thought that incorporating all these flowers together would be 'too much', and so we decided to leave only iris, lily-of-the-valley and tulips.

When the flowers were ready I took separate pictures of iris and tulips with lily-of-the-valley.

 To mind both of these centerpieces look very nice separately. However, when I put the flowers together I loved the result even more :))

When my ex-collegue saw the centerpiece, he told that it is exactly what he wanted, and that he is sure his wife will be happy to receive so wonderful flowers on her birthday :)) and I also hope so!

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