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24 February 2012

Small Centerpieces With Roses, Sweet Peas And Cherry Blossom

One of my local retailers asked me to create a couple of small centerpieces to display at her shop. Earlier she was ordering only brooches and hair pins from me, but now her cleints started to ask for my centerpieces as well.
So, here are the pictures of the first three ones...

Coral roses and sweet peas...

 White roses and cherry blossom...

 Fuchsia pink  hydrangea, pink roses and cherry blossom


The wedding season has started :)) I am so happy to receive new orders from the brides! 
Now I have to complete a bouquet with purple roses, a bouquet with ivory peonies, gardenias and stephanotis and some centerpieces. So, stay tuned! new pictures will be coming soon :))

February GIVEAWAY! Ends 23rd February!

Would like to invite everyone to participate in my February Giveaway I have announced on my Facebook page!
This time the winner will receive... white rose hair flower attached to u shape pin (3" across)!

To join the Giveaway please click here.

13 February 2012

My Turquoise Rose Hair Pin On Etsy Front Page

My turquoise rose hair pin was featured on Etsy front page!!!! I am so happy about it!
It is a great surprise for me!
A huge thanks to Ashley from HummingbirdFactory who picked my hair pin for her "Ice Water" treasury!!!

10 February 2012

My Photos Of Real Flowers

Three years ago I felt in love with photography. One day I realized that I really want to try myself in this sphere.
Before I bought my camera, I already learned its 96 page manual :)) Though technical books are more common to be read by men, I found it very interesting. So, when I got the camera, I already new all its settings.

After couple of weeks I decided to take photo lessons at one of famous local photographers. I really enjoyed this course, and since then my camera was always with me.

My friends and family were happy to have someone who is always ready to take their pictures.
However, due to increased amount of orders on my clay flowers (which makes me very happy!) now I can not spend so much time on photography, and majority of photos I am taking are the ones of my handmade flowers.

Nonetheless, I can't miss the flower blooming season at my parents garden. I absolutely love to take the pictures of real flowers my mum is growing near their house.

Here are some of them I took during the last two spring-summer seasons.
Hope you will enjoy them as I do!

Sometimes I am asked to sell my pictures in order to be put in the frames to decorate home interior, to make wall posters or to make a gift to someone who loves photography and flowers.

Recently, I decided to put some of my photos to my Etsy shop as well. So, if you are interested in flower photo printouts, you are welcome to visit my shop's photography section here.

Can't exactly tell the name of this flower, but it is very similar to lily. 


Unfortunately, don't remember the name of this flower

  Lovely bumblebee

Butterfly on blackeyed flower


 Peach tree flowers and rhododendrons

 Peony and iris


 Don't remember the name of this flower, but looks similar to bell-flowers

 Shrub roses and beautiful acalypha

I took a picture of this red poppy field on the way to my best friend's house. It was soooo beautiful, and luckily I had my camera in the car.

 I have many more flower pictures in my album, and will definitely share some of them with you later.

Can't wait for next spring-summer season to come! :))

2 February 2012

Centerpiece With Roses, Peonies And Hydrangea

Couple of weeks ago one of my past clients asked me to create a centerpiece for her mum's birthday.
I was given a full freedom to choose the flowers and colors myself. 

Since currently I am trying to improve my techniques in making peonies, I decided to incorporate these flowers. Also I thought that it would be nice to include some open roses, hydrangeas,some tiny buds and greenery.
I made the bouquet in pastel colors which to my mind is rather neutral, and will suit any interior design.

My client said that her mum was really happy to receive such a nice present! And I am happy that she loved it!

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