12 March 2012

Small Centerpieces With Red And Coral Poppies

The last few weeks were really busy for me... First of all the wedding season is going on and I receive many new orders and moreover, this week I am finally leaving for my vacation to Italy, where my family and I love to do downhill skiing, so I had to finish all urgent orders.

Before I leave I would like to show you a couple of centerpieces. My sister's mother-in-law asked me to create the flowers for the school teacher's of her younger son. She loves poppies, so I decided to use these flowers for the centerpieces.

Here they are...

 After my vacation I will have to finish the order for ivory, cream and champagne color bridal bouquet. At the moment I have only sample flowers ready, and I already love them (hope the bride will approve them :))). I am sure the bouquet will look stunning! So, stay tuned! :))

And also... Happy beginning of spring to everyone!!! xxx

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