31 January 2013

Photo Frame In Red, White And Black Colors

One of my local clients asked me to decorate a photo frame with my flowers.
Before she brought the frame to me, I was thinking that it will be of a standard size to put it on a table, and I was very surprized to see so large one.

Gala asked to make the flowers in white, red and black colors to fit the interior of her apartment.

Since I have never made the projects having these three colors together, I was a bit worried how it will turn out.

However, when I saw the result I was completely satisfied with it!

Have asked my student to make a picture of me together with the frame to show how big it is, or how small I am, LOL... :)))

28 January 2013

Centerpiece Made By My Student

This beautiful centerpiece was made by my student who is attending the classes of the second course.

27 January 2013

Figurines And Winter View

These lovely figurines were made by my student!

Can't resist to show you the winter view I see from the studio windows.

It's cold and snowy outside, but the flowers are blooming here.

22 January 2013

Vintage Style Earrings

Couple of months ago one of my permanent clients asked me to create earrings in vintage style for her. I was searching for components for couple of days and found some very nice pieces.

I loved how the earrings turned out, and even decided to make a collection of them, which became very popular among my local customers.

 These Tiffany blue ones are my favorite. :)

I though that my international clients might also like these earrings, and included some of them to my Etsy shop.
I also offer 15% discount for my blog readers! So, if you decide to purchase the earrings, simply enter the code 'vintage' at the checkout.

21 January 2013

A Bear Made By My Student

I invited my students to participate in the charity event I mentioned earlier.

This lovely bear was created by Kate, one of my first students. I highly appreciate her contribution!

My Hearts For Charity

The magazine my story was published in has organised a charity event. They invited both children and adults to make hearts and other St.Valentines day attributes, which will be later sold in the local malls.
All money collected from the sales will be used to help the children suffering from cancer.

I decided to join the event, and made some hearts. I feel so glad I am able to contribute.

I purchased heart-shaped boxes and decorated them with my clay flowers.

I was thinking to make a teddy bear for a long time, and finally had a chance to implement this idea.

19 January 2013

In My Studio!

I would like to show you the pictures of my studio.

I love it sooo much!! It has panoramic windows and is so light and cozy. I was very glad when I found it!

Hope you will enjoy the pictures!
They were taken in autumn, currently we have a real winter with a lot of snow and -15 degrees Celsius (5 degrees Farenheit) outside, brrrr!!

17 January 2013

Me In The Magazine!

I feel soooo happy!!!

Yesterday, one of the popular local magazines for women  published an article about me and my studio!
Moreover, the editor loved my picture, and proposed me to place it on the magazine's cover, which  was a real honor for me!

The article is in Russian, hope one day I will have time to translate it into English.


It is a very busy time for me now, I spend major part of my time in the studio teaching my students.
I am so glad to see their progress and willingness to learn new flowers!

Hope soon I will have time to show you the pictures of the latest works of my students.
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