27 June 2011

Amazing News - My Brooch On Famous Russian TV Show

I have  amazing news!!!!
I just received a call from my mother-in-law who was watching TV, and saw a presenter of a famous Russian fashion show wearing a brooch I presented to him.
I am very happy that Alexander Vassiliev has chosen to wear it during the show! It is so high and important assessment for me!!!

Headband For My Sister

Have made a headband with white orchids for my younger sister. It is very similar to the one I showed you some time ago.
Really love how the flowers look like, so natural... :)))

16 June 2011

Flower Basket With Daisies And Cornflowers

My mother-in-law decided to make a doll as a part of a present for my mother's birthday.
It is funny that both my and my sister's mothers-in-law are keen on creating the dolls.

This time I was also asked to make a flower basket for the doll. Since she will have white and blue outfit, I decided to make white daisies and small blue flowers similar to cornflowers.

 Later I will definitely show you the pictures of the doll together with the basket.

14 June 2011

Centerpiece With Roses, Peonies, Cherry Blossom And Viburnum For My Mum

My mum will celebrate her 50 years anniversary at the end of  June.
Since her favorite flowers are peonies, I decided to incorporate them into the centerpiece I am going to present her.
Hope my mummy will love this bouquet!

13 June 2011

Pearl Necklaces

This weekend my mum showed me two of her last necklaces.
I really loved the darker one, and she promised to make the same for me as well!

Both necklaces are double sided, which I think is very good idea, as actually there are  two necklaces in one.

As usually we included the necklaces to my mum's Etsy shop.

10 June 2011

White Phalaenopsis Orchid Hair Pins For The Bride

One of my friends was getting married in the beginning of June. She has chosen white phalaenopsis orchids for her fresh flower bouquet. She also wanted to have orchids in her hair. Since fresh flowers do not stay pretty in the hair for long time, Victoria asked me to create some clay orchids for her hairdo.

This was the first time I was asked to make phalaenopsis orchids. I really like making new flowers and develop my techniques, so I was very happy to complete this order.

7 June 2011

Headband With Coral Rose And Cream Gardenia Brooch

A week ago my mother and I  attended the lectures of famous Russian fashion designers.
I decided to wear my new coral color dress and complete the look with same color hair flower.

I made an oversized rose and attached it to the black headband, which fitted my dark hair nice.

Me with a headband.

Two weeks ago one of my clients found me in the Internet, and ordered one of my gardenia hair clips I made before. Last time I attached this piece to the barrette, however now I was asked to make it as a brooch.

2 June 2011

Photo Frame And Tea Cup With Freesias

A week ago I was contacted by one of my repeat clients who asked me if I could make an urgent order for her.
She was invited to the birthday of a lovely business lady, who owes a luxury hotel. Since she highly appreciates unusual presents and loves freesias, my client decided that my flowers are the right choice.

As you may guess I was asked to create a similar freesia arrangement I made a month before. It is already the third order for this piece...

Since the white vases I was using before are not available in the shop anymore, I decided to put the flowers into a nice tea cup I found in one of the local tableware stores.

In addition my client decided to order a photo frame decorated with the flowers. 
Couple of weeks ago I saw a very nice frame in the nearby shop. Luckily it was still available there!  

Since the birthday is on this weekend,  I had to switch from my big coral tone bouquets' order and spend a few days to create these flowers. These were two busy days, over 150 freesias and buds were made, assembled into clusters and arranged in the cup...
Hope you enjoyed the pictures! :)


I am happy to inform that in June I am offering two (actually even three) opportunities to win a giveaway from Marissa Fleur.

The first giveaway is offered on my Facebook and will end at the end of June.
TWO lucky winners will receive white or ivory gardenia hair pin (~2.25" across) decorated with clear Swarovski rhinestone.
In order to participate in this giveaway simply click 'like' or leave a comment here.

My second giveaway is a announced by Ashley in her wonderful blog about her family.
The winner will receive a bigger gardenia hair pin (~3" across). 
Click here to know how to join. The offer will end on 21st June.

Good luck to everyone!!!

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