28 September 2011

Brooches And Headbands

The summer has passed so quickly.... I even did not have a chance to get a proper vacation, but hope to have couple of weeks off in the middle of October.

Here are some of the brooches and headbands I made during this summer. These were ordered by one of the jewelry shops in Moscow.

Brooch with freesias. Lilac is one of my favorite colors for these flowers. 

This peachy poppy brooch is very similar to the one I created before. I like how bright and sunny it looks like.

Red poppy headband... Reminds me of countryside fields and magical scent of freshly mowed grass.

It was the first time I made gardenias in peach color. Looks nice, isn't it?

 Mauve color roses... It was a surprise for me how many of my clients love this color :))

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