31 January 2011

Beaded Rings

My mum has created some lovely beaded rings from seed beads, crystals and other beads!

Purple tone ring with rose cat's eye stone...

Golden tone ring with beige cat's eye stone...

The ring from light gray chameleon seed beads and clear AB crystals.
This ring changes its color depending on the lighting!

The rings are already included to my mum's Etsy store - aXessory!

27 January 2011

Purple Tone Bridal Bouquet With Poppies, Ranunculus, Gardenias And Stephanotis

These flowers will be incorporated to the bouquet of a very nice bride!
She contacted me via Etsy couple of weeks ago and asked if I could make a purple tone bouquet and boutonniere for her wedding.

My client preferred not to include roses to the bouquet. So, we have agreed on purple tone ranunculus, poppies, ivory gardenias and stephanotis.

The bouquet will be tied with the ivory ribbon.
Can't wait to make it ready!

25 January 2011

Gardenia And Stephanotis

These flowers are among my favorite ones!

They look so nice together and I think are making a great piece to decorate the bridal hairdo!

Therefore, when one of my Etsy brides has asked me to create a hair piece for her with gardenia and stephanotis flowers, I was more than happy to make it!

Since she will have daisies to decorate the venue, she asked me to put some pale yellow Swarovski rhinestones to the centers of stephanotis.

First of all I have created the flowers.

Then we were thinking of how to place the flowers.
The first option was the following.

But finally we have agreed on this one.
Will attach it to the clear comb.

I really love this piece! I would like to thank Rachel for her order and idea!
I wish I had the same for my wedding two years ago....

Now I have to continue one of my latest custom orders for bridal bouquets.

It will be purple tone bouquet with ranunculus, poppies, gardenias and stephanotis.
Have already created some flowers and really love how they are looking together!

Will share the pictures a bit later.

18 January 2011

My Mum's Creations

Couple of weeks ago my mum has presented me a beaded necklace, which I really liked! And what was my surprise, when she told that she created it by herself!

Recently she just felt in love with seed beads, and created some very nice pieces, which I would like to share with you!

This rose bow can be attached to the beaded cord decorated with organza ribbons or to the pin to be used as a brooch.

This tiny light blue bow can be used in different ways: as a hair pin, brooch or shoe clips.
I think it is a lovely Something Blue piece for the brides!

I decided to add these items to my Etsy store. However, my mum is thinking of opening her own shop in the near future! Will keep you informed! :)

17 January 2011

Napkin Holder/ Bottle Ring

Finally, I managed to find a little bit of time to implement my long-standing idea and create some flowers, which can be used as decoration for napkins and bottles.

This is just the first piece.... Hope I will be able to create some more of different flowers soon....

To my mind this arrangement is a good idea to make the table look more solemn.

The flowers are attached to the wire, so it is possible to move them in different ways.

7 January 2011

Pansies: Matching Hair Pin And Boutonniere

Last week one of my Etsy clients has asked if I could make a matching boutonniere to my violet and yellow pansy hair pins.

These are the pieces I have posted to her several days ago:
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