26 March 2014

The Work Of My Student - Bouquet With Lilies And Roses

A wedding bouquet with lilies and roses is one of my favourite projects of C2 course.
This bouquet was made by my student Tatiana.


Wedding Pictures

I feel so pleased when I receive the wedding pictures from my brides! :)

This wedding took place in Ice Hotel in Sweden.


14 January 2014

Light Blue And White Color Bouquet With Roses And Peonies

One of the bridal bouquets I created in November. The bride loved light blue and white color bouquet I made before and asked if I can make the similar one for her.

***It is possible to order my flowers via email marissa.fleur@gmail.com or in my Etsy shop.***

12 January 2014

Headpiece With Roses And Cherry Blossom For Ascot

This summer I received a very special order to create a headpiece to attend the ascot. Gemma sent me a picture of the dress she was going to wear, and asked me to use for the headband roses and cherry blossom in the colors of the dress.
Here is the result. 

Gemma loved the flowers and has sent me some pictures wearing the headband.

10 January 2014

Bridal Bouquet With Turquoise Roses, Champagne Gardenias, Stephanotis and Calla Lilies

Would like to show one the orders I made in December. Have created a similar bouquet for the wedding a year ago, but this time the bride asked me to add some calla lilies to her and bridesmaids bouquets. The wedding will take place in ice hotel in Sweden. Hope the bride will send me couple of wedding pictures :)))

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