16 June 2011

Flower Basket With Daisies And Cornflowers

My mother-in-law decided to make a doll as a part of a present for my mother's birthday.
It is funny that both my and my sister's mothers-in-law are keen on creating the dolls.

This time I was also asked to make a flower basket for the doll. Since she will have white and blue outfit, I decided to make white daisies and small blue flowers similar to cornflowers.

 Later I will definitely show you the pictures of the doll together with the basket.

1 comment:

  1. This Flower Basket with Daisies and Cornflowers is way too gorgeous. The floral arrangements are really adorable. I also need to send such cheerful bouquet to my cousin but I am not able to decide on any online Flower Delivery service in LA. Please share recommendations if you have any!!


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