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26 August 2012

Fuchsia And Apple Green Bridal Bouquet With Cymbidium Orchids, Gardenias, Anemones, Calla Lilies And Hydrangea

This bouquet was created for my repeat client. 

Sandy contacted me last year, and asked to create turquoise rose and white gardenia bridal bouquet as a present for her friend wedding. She loved how the bouquet turned out, so decided to order the bouquet from me for her September wedding as well :))

Sandy was looking for a large (12'') bouquet in fuchsia and apple green colors. The flowers we have chosen were fuchsia anemones, lighter fuchsia cymbidium orchids, light pink gardenias and apple green hydrangeas. Later Sandy asked me to add light green calla lilies, as these are one of her favorite flowers.

The bouquet turned out to be very bright, and to my mind look super lifelike :))

The bride also ordered a matching boutonniere with apple green cymbidium orchid and light green hydrangeas as well as light pink hydrangeas, apple green and fuchsia orchids for her hair.

To imagine the bouquet size better, here is the photo of the bouquet in my hands.

The flowers have already safely arrived to Sandy, and she told that they look absolutely amazing!! I was very, very pleased to receive such feedback! Thank you, Sandy!

I feel sooo happy making my brides happy!! :)))

Soon I will show you the pictures of another 12'' bouquet I created this summer.


  1. Какой великолепный, яркий букет! Замечательная работа, а какие жизнерадостные цвета-здорово!
    Вот бы увидеть еще хоть 1 фото со свадьбы, чтобы невеста была с букетом в руках)))

  2. Большое спасибо, Жанна!!! Невеста обещала выслать фотографии, как получу их обязательно покажу. :)) А сейчас пока добавлю фото букета в моих руках.

  3. Спасибо большое, Марина! В букете так много разных цветов!!!


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