15 December 2010

Wedding In Purple Tones

Two weeks ago a lovely bride has contacted me via my Etsy store and has asked if I could make florals for her 31/12 wedding!

Primary colors should be purple and cream. After couple of messages we have agreed on various purple tone roses, cream gardenias and stephanotis.
Initially she asked me to create a bouquet for her, four centerpieces, two corsages for mothers and a boutonniere for the groom.

Bridal bouquet...


Later she also asked for add some cream color hair pins.

I was also asked to add the pearls to stephanotis flowers, which I think made the flowers look more romantic!

Somehow my camera could not recognize the right purple colors, which in realty look a bit different...

I am very satisfied how the pieces turned out, and hope that my client will like them as well when she receives the parcel!

Now I have to start making the order for hair pins and headbands which I recently received from the local hairdresser's, they are interested in selling unique hair accessories and told that my flowers is what they have been looking for!

After that some more Christmas orders to complete...

Do not know if I manage to make Seasonal gifts for my relatives, but I am happy to receive the orders, it is always challenging and allows me to implement new ideas and learn new techniques :)



  1. I am the bride in the above post and I looooooooove all these flowers. I am so happy with them. I will repost once I receive them, but the pictures are simply stunning.

  2. Hi Selena! Many thanks for your comment!!!
    It was a real pleasure to make the flowers for you!


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