21 February 2011

Fuchsia, Lilac And Light Pink Rose Bouquet

I have not been posting here for a while.... The orders for my flowers are coming, and I really feel that the wedding season has started! Recently I have received quite a lot of new enquiries for wedding florals, and now spend all my time completing them...

Every time I receive a new custom order, I feel excited to see the finished piece, as if I am creating the flowers for my own wedding!

This is one of the bouquets, which I just have completed.

Valerie has contacted me via Etsy and asked me to create a bouquet similar to the one with purple roses I made before.

Her colors are fuchsia, light pink and light purple. As I have not been working with such color palette before, and it was very interesting for me to see how these colors match together.
To my opinion the result appeared to be very nice, bright and sunny!

More pictures of my other orders will follow later this week!

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