29 April 2011

Last News And Coral Color Bouquet

Today I would like to share the last news with you - finally, I have finished C2 course classes at DECO Clay Academy in Russia! It was a great experience, so many new techniques and flowers were learned. Have met so many nice people who also enjoy the art of making the flowers from the clay! It is amazing how close you can get with absolutely different people while doing the same activity!

Now I have to complete all the projects... When they are ready, I will be able to reach my long time goal - to receive DECO Clay Instructor certificate!
Hope it will not take very long, and soon there will be new DECO Clay instructor in Europe!
I will definitely let you know when it happens, and will invite everyone who is willing to learn how to make flowers from DECO Clay to Latvia!

In addition, I would like to show you the pictures of coral color bouquet, which I mentioned in my previous post.

My Etsy client ordered the bouquet with poppies, roses and cherry blossom in different tones of coral and light pink colors.

I love coral color palette (the same as purple one :))) , so was confident about the result. The bouquet turned out to be very delicate and to my mind kind of vintage.
Hope Jennifer will receive the parcel soon!


  1. Ах как хотелось бы поучиться здесь в Латвии такому цветочному искусству! Успехов Вам и поскорее начинайте преподавать-я запишусь на учебу!

  2. It was absolutely beautiful, I cannot thank you enough!!!


  3. Jennifer, I am very glad that you loved the flowers! Thank you again for your beautiful wedding picture :))


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