11 March 2011

Hydrangea And Forget-Me-Not Flower Basket

My younger sister's mother-in-law has recently found a new hobby. During the last year she has been keen on painting, however couple of weeks ago she started to attend doll making classes.

For her first doll she decided to choose the image of a Venetian woman from the painting of Eugene de Blaas called "Flower Seller".

As you may guess, I was a person who has been asked to create a mini flower basket for the future doll!

At the beginning I was thinking where I can get such a small basket for the flowers, only 5" long, but than I had an idea to create it from the clay as well.

The final piece turned out to be very lightweight, which is perfect, as it won't overweight the doll.

My sister's mother-in-law was very happy with the result!
Hope I will be able to share the pictures of the doll when it will be ready.

So, now I have to return to my wedding orders.
New photos will be coming soon!

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