24 January 2012

Calla Lillies, Hydrangea Comb, White Flower Fascinator For Brides Hairdo

Since the beginning of this year I started to enter more and more new items to my online Etsy shop.

It has been a long time I wanted to make calla lilies which can decorate the hairdo. Finally I managed to create a couple of them.
If you like to have the same, you can purchase the flowers here.

 This hydrangea comb was also "living" in my mind for a long time :) So, when I found time to make it and decided not to miss a chance :) The comb is available here.


Once I made similar fantasy flower for one of my past brides. However, this time I decided to make it more delicate. You can buy this flower here.

As you probably noticed I have a new 'presenter' of my flowers. I named her Alice :)

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