26 January 2012

Tropical Brides Bouquet With Coral Gerbera Daisies, Yellow Water Lilies, Red Hibiscus, Light Pink Plumerias And Tuberose Buds

Couple of weeks ago I promised to show you the pictures of tropical flower bouquet, today I am ready to do this :)


 Belinda contacted me via my Etsy shop. She was not sure about the exact size of the bouquet she wanted to order, but  informed me about her budget and which flowers and colors she would like to have in the bouquet.

After couple of message we agreed that the bouquet shall have gerbera daisies, hibiscus, water lilies and plumeria flowers, later I decided to add also some tuberose buds. For the colors  Belinda asked for corals, oranges, golds, light red and green.

 When all flowers were ready I was thinking about the possible fillers to include between the gaps. I have many different ones in stock: little buds, greenery... This time I decided to add some tiny coral, yellow and golden buds and luckily I had very lovely greenery, which to my mind suited the tropical style of the bouquet.

Belinda loved the bouquet pictures, and I hope she will like it when she receives it in person as well! :)


  1. Какой летний букет! Очень солнечный и теплый - здорово!

  2. Жанна, большое спасибо!
    Я была очень рада зимой получить заказ на такой летний и солнечный букет :))


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